Electricity @ Zero Emissions 

Linear Dynamics Energy is the manufacturer of The XCL Power Producer, Patent Pending.  The XCL Power Producer is a power plant that produces 45,000 volts @ 300 amps every 4 minutes, continually.  This power plant is efficient, economical, and affordable.  Our power plant produces zero emissions, providing energy which is clean, green, and nonradioactive. It is composed of a 32-foot inductive linear accelerator that utilizes Methane Hydrate Crystalline on a molecular level.  The electricity manufactured provides enough power to sustain any Community, State, or Country.  Our small footprint allows for installation in virtually any location.  

The revolutionary extraction of Methane Hydrate from the sea floor into our system requires no refinery.  Methane Hydrate is extracted directly from the Earth into our technology.  Investors would also help fund this extraction process in linear dispatch.

We are seeking investors to manufacture the first working prototype of The XCL Power Producer.  If you are interested in your own energy production, you will share in the unlimited profit potential.  We are interested in any and all investors for an equity position in our Corporation.  Contact us for additional information.   

Our business plan can be viewed at, or emailed to you upon request.  We would be happy to provide technical information to those with serious inquiries.   

Edward Martinez, MLD
Founder of Linear Dynamics Energy, Inc.
Innovator of The XCL Power Producer

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