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*The XCL Power Producer works by moving molecules to said bodies and continues to move at uniform velocities acted on vacuum pressures by force, which creates an acceleration of energy production. An electrical system that produces the power of 45,000 volts @ 300 amps every 4 minutes for a 14 year cycle, continually. 

*This system uses one gallon of methane hydrate crystalline per year to utilize as a power plant or back-up system to existing energy supply sources. We have the ability to modulate the amount of power to client specifications.

*Clean, renewable, nonradioactive energy at sign waves typically higher than alternating current technologies today; which allows for greater linear distance for the power to travel, up to 1,892 miles. 

*Installed with reduced footprints, this innovation of molecular energy has a capacitor, diploid magnetron technology, oscillators, and a photo cell. 

*The XCL Power Producer produces more energy at longer intervals, thereby reducing costs of manufacturing, production, and consumption.

*Its production of negatively charged ions drives radioactive particulates out of our atmosphere reducing radiation pressure.