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Inductive power is the transformation of a fossil fuel, Methane Hydrate, into electricity. The multiplicity of the induction displacement is compounded under vacuum and works in solitude. The result is ENERGY. Energy production is accomplished with 1,400 electrons per molecule of Methane Hydrate in the sequestion of inductive power. The Nomenclature we rely on is E=MO squared. ENERGY EQUALS MASS OSCILLATION, squared. When the fuel has reached its critical mass, a split occurs. The fuel, Methane Hydrate Crystalline, compresses and creates a transformation of a H4 to a H2 molecule. The compression in the manufacturing of this electricity results in a resonance field. This resonance fielding is the emission, which are the byproduct of our production of energy. These emissions are healthy and non radioactive. They blend with the environment and can strengthen our magnetosphere. 

The molecular structure of oil helps in the suppression of Methane Hydrate Crystalline when encumbered through a photo cell. The photo cell is the collider installed in our track assembly and is designed to multiply the energy production. Our technology requires 1,400 gallons of oil in a closed system to help in the suppression of the fuel, and to complete the cycle of resonance fielding.